Is this Vegan? Is this Cruelty free? Is it tested on animals? CAN I BUY THIS???

That is the question I ask my self every time I go to buy something! 

By the end of it I feel defeated and give up because I have spent hours researching and all I get are conflicting answers. One site will say yes the other will say could be… Which is it?  Where can I buy these products? I want local products that the every day impulse buyer like myself can go out and buy…

 I am here to break it down for you, hopefully making things easier and a little fun! with honest reviews and updates over the weeks/months of using them + easy DIY’s for impulsive people (like me) with minimal steps!

I am currently studying Nutrition and I have been in and out of the beauty industry for about 6 years….So naturally I want to combine my two interests! 

My general train of thought is everything comes from a natural source, why not isolate that source and  use natural products… why do chemicals and toxic ingredients need to be added?

On this site you will find

  • Products I have tried
  • DIY House hold items
  • DIY beauty items
  • fun facts and information.

I am excited to share my tips tricks and ideas with you all!


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Have a wonderful day!

Watch this space!!