Smells like Chocolate?

I find it very hard to find a good hand cream that is effective enough because my hands are thirsty and absorb anything I put on them, Especially after washing my hands with soap, they dry up instantly and drive me crazy!
Unfortunately I ran out of my good hand cream the other day and the only other hand cream/balm I had at home was not vegan and I felt bad using it.
I thought what can I use? My body butter has beeswax in it and oil just creates this uncomfortable feeling on my hands.
I remembered years ago I was going to make body butter with Shea butter that I bought off eBay however I never got around to doing it and then I moved house and lost it, However I did remember how to make it, I just had to make do with what I had in my house, In this case it was cocoa butter.
When you really think about any product you can dissect it for what it really is -as for body butter you can see how easy it is to make, cream or oil is whipped and that makes a butter, oil is moisturising and helps retain the moisture and if you want to add anything else you can! all you need is a base.
Preservative free, chemical free and you know what’s in it! 
Sometimes the amount of money spent on body products is amazing! I know it’s convenient to go out and buy a ready made butter, but it’s more convenient to have the power of what goes on and into your body.

You will need – 

-Cocoa butter, mango butter, Shea butter (up to you)
-Coconut oil
-Grape seed oil
-Empty jar or tin
-Blender, mixer, or food processor
-Double boiler or microwave
-Essential Oil
-Aloe Vera
For a preservative you can use vegetable glycerine or vitamin E oil


Cut chunks or shavings of your solid butter and place in your double boiler or microwave safe bowl, Melt down the butter while stirring constantly to ensure it does not burn. If you use the microwave method make sure you do 40 second intervals and stir each time.
Once the butter is melted you can add your coconut oil and grape seed oil stir until it is all combined, add your essential oil if you choose to.
Place the bowl in the fridge or on the bench letting it cool down into a creamy texture. Only leave it in the fridge for about 10 minutes.
Once it is the texture you need add to mixer of your choice.
Mix/whip until you see a butter texture forming, keep mixing until you are happy with the thickness of the butter, once you are satisfied with the texture you can add to your jar or tin.

You now have your very own body butter!

jar 1


Cocoa Butter –  Hydrates and moisturises the skin while locking in hydration Cocoa Butter is great for dry or cracked skin because it absorbs easterly and stays on the skin for hours. Cocoa Butter protects the skin from harsh conditions and free radicals as it is an emollient and helps form a protective layer. Cocoa Butter contains Cocoa Mass Polyphenols, this compound helps retain collagen and protects against ageing, Due to this compound Cocoa butter is also great for skin irritation and rashes.
Coconut Oil – Anti Ageing  as it helps to protect against free radical damage, Moisturises and hydrates the skin while helping strengthen the skin tissue and helps to eliminate dead skin cells. Coconut oil is Antiviral Anti-fungal and Antibacterial, it can help to soothe eczema, burns and other skin issues even bug bites.
Grape Seed Oil – Can help to treat Acne, Tighten and tones skin, Locks in and promotes moisture, High in Vitamin E and other Antioxidants which help protect against Free Radical Damage.

Bonus tip

For a moisturising hand or face wash add in a few drops of Dr. Bronners Pure Castile Liquid Soap – check out why here –

Please only buy FAIR TRADE

Over 70% of the worlds cocao is grown in communities who are paid a low minimum wage, in some cases Child slaves are used and forced to use Machetes and Toxic chemicals.

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Have a wonderful day!

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