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Last year in November I went to WVD (World Vegan Day) at the show grounds.

WVD is packed full of stalls and food carts with beautiful vegan cuisine and products.

It was so overwhelming because there was so much to see. before I was Vegan I used to love getting beauty subscription boxes every month – although I would hardly use any of the products and just have a collection of samples  I still enjoyed receiving the parcel in the mail every month (Just like Christmas!)

As I walking around WVD looking at all the stalls on show I came across THE VEGAN BOX.

The Vegan Box is a monthly subscription box that offer all vegan beauty products luxury size and full size! Not only do they have the Beauty subscription box but they also offer a food box, So you can find great new vegan treats!

At WVG they had there box’s there for purchase, either sign up for the subscription or one time only purchase, I did the one time only as I wanted to try it out before I committed to anything.

All the item in the box were amazing, great sizes and products that I would generally use.

But this post is about one particular brand that I first found out about and tried because of WVD and The Vegan Box.


Oh Deer Sugar is a Vegan, Hand crafted and Cruelty Free brand they are a non edible bakery with beautifully scented, mouth watering and aesthetically pleasing products. As delicious as the smell you can not eat them. You will be tempted!

I have only tried a few of their products, However I have not been disappointed.

The products I received from The Vegan Box was the (Oh)Passion Fruit Face Cleanser.

When I opened the lid I saw a whipped face cream and a strong fragrance of  Passion Fruit filled the air, Passion fruit is one of my favourite fruits so I was over the moon with the fragrance and quality of this product.

First thing I did when I got home from WVD was try out the cleanser, I had  decent amount of make-up on: Foundation, Bronzer, Blush and Mascara, I applied it to my damp face and massaged it in, When I washed it off I was so surprised, It had actually removed everything My face was squeaky clean! also a bonus, My skin was not tight or require moisturising after.

I was so  happy with this cleanser I jumped on the website to see what else they have and to order more cleanser.

I ended up buying another Passion Fruit Cleanser, Their (OH)Zesty Mojito Face Mask, Their Rejuvenator  Cucumber and Mint Body Scrub and the Cucumber and Mint Body Butter.

The face cleanser is great at removing make up and getting everything off.

The face clay mask is thick and takes a bit to smooth onto the skin but worth it because it leaves the skin smooth and hydrated. plus the lime smell is divine.

The scrub is not to harsh and lathers into the skin leaving a hydrated feel once it is washed off, I assume from the oil in the product which is a bonus because you do not need to moisturise after the shower.

The body butter I believe can no longer be purchased as I can not find it on their website, I would call it a body butter with confidence though it dragged on the skin and the products looked and felt like they has separated, However I used to use this to shave my legs, it was amazing for shaving the legs, left them feeling moisturised and silky for days!

“Spread kindness this Easter
With every carton sold 10% of profits will go towards our furry friends at Freedom Hills Sanctuary, located in the Adelaide Hills. Find out more about their amazing rescues”

This post is not sponsored 


Have a wonderful day!

4 thoughts on “Face and Body

  1. Awesome! I’m going to have to check this company out. I’m always on the lookout for my new favorite body scrub — I’m going to try this one. Thanks!


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