Why is poo so Taboo!

Do you have a hard time going to the toilet? Do you find it more of a task rather than an ease of nature? You are not alone, over 80% of the worlds population are either constipated or have Diarerha. Maybe you have both, one thing you should know is something is not right. it may be deeper than what I am about to talk about however this should help ease some of your discomfort. 

The first thing I will suggest is to look in the toilet bowl before wiping or flushing, Have a good look at the texture, shape and if there is undigested food in it or not. You will get used to looking after a while.

Why is it so gross and taboo to talk about? Every single living being has a bowel movement, Your Bowel movement can tell you a lot about your health, You may even save your self from serious discomfort and illness by looking.

I think one of the most important things to talk about is your bowel movement and I hope that in time it catches awareness and everyone can feel comfortable discussing this topic with friends and family. 

The Toilet Design dates back to the middle ages and since then the toilets design has never changed.

With all our knowledge in science and technology we understand the human body more than ever before yet the design of the toilet does not take in to account of the shape of the rectum.

When we sit on the toilet we sit at a 90 degree angle, This actually stops the Rectum from fully opening and causes it to bend creating a kink which can cause toxins and waste to become blocked. In time the built up waste can cause serious discomfort and illness.

 Those of you who have gone camping or travelled abroad may already be familiar with squatting to help the elimination process. 

Why Squat?

When we are young and learning to go to the potty we would be in a squatting position it is when we are moved to the civilised toilets that we forget about our squatting position. Squatting allows the Anal Canal to open up completely, Making it easier to eliminate waste. It lets the natural shape of the rectum stay as it is supposed to,  where as sitting at a 35 degree angle causes it to curve and create blockage. 

 Digestion Starts with the Saliva, Enzymes in the saliva start to break down the food preparing it for the stomach, Digestive enzymes and Gastric juices in the stomach start to break down the food passing it though to the small intestine, The small intestine absorbs all the water and nutrients and then passes everything through the large intestine, The large intestine absorbs water from waste creating a stool, as the stool enters the Rectum Nerves then create an urge to eliminate

Sit vs Squat close.jpg


Solution –

Obviously squatting over a toilet can be messy and dangerous not to mention unhygienic.

you can purchase squatting stools that look neat and are designed to fit around the toilet, however if you do not want to invest in one just yet you can use old phone books on either side or a small basket, alternatively you can buy kiddie stepping stools from your local dollar store.

lillipad_squatting_platform                               IMG_1027

where to buy –

pharmacies and health stores                             



Disclaimer –

This is not a sponsored post




Have a wonderful day!


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