Stuffed Vege

Stuffed Butternut 


This recipe has been given a few different names for example, “vegeduckin” I do not like that name as there are no ducks in the recipe. I haven’t seen a name I like so far so I we will just call it roasted stuffed Butternut pumpkin.
This recipe is perfect for a winters night or to replace the Sunday “roast”  either way your friends and family will love it. So full of flavour and not boring at all!
You will need –
Baking tray
cooking twine
big spoon
Ingredients –
Butternut pumpkin
Egg plant
Spring onion
Optional – 


Hollow out the middle of the pumpkin, eggplant and zucchini – Do not throw the scrapings out as this will be your filling – see pictures
Add the scrapings to your food processor, add Capsicum, Spring Onion, Mushrooms, Carrot and Garlic then pulse until mixed together.
-Score the pumpkin with a fork, Then with a spoon add the the filling to the pumpkins (first layer), make sure you don’t over fill it though.
-Place the eggplant inside your pumpkin and add the filling, and then repeat the same process for the zucchini.
-Once both half’s are full place some spring onion in the middle and join the two together with some baking string – ( you might need someone to help you with this step) tie it as tight as it can go and drizzle some coconut oil over it (if you want it crispy)
-Once the stuffed pumpkin is secure place on a baking tray and put in the oven for about 40-60 minutes at 200 degrease.
– Depending your oven the time will vary – just keep checking it every 30 minutes.

Don’t worry if there is a lot of stuffing left over because you can always make sausage rolls!

What do you think it should be called? Comment below




Have a wonderful day!

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