Vegan Dye

NaturStyle Hair Dye

I decided to dye my hair today so naturally I needed to find a vegan hair dye that would be permanent and work. I have not dyed my hair since becoming Vegan which would be about a year and a half now.

After doing some research on a few brands i decided to go with Naturstyle, finding the closest stockist I went out and bought the hair dye from my local health food store.

What this product claims 

NaturStyle is a permanent hair colour

100% grey coverage, With anti-Ageing results.

Free from – Amonia, Resorcinol, Parabens, DEA, SLS Mineral Oils, Paraffin and Silicones

Enriched with natural organic plant & seed oil extracts to gently care for your hair and scalp

Why so good?

Linseed Extract – Penetrates the deepest  layers of your hair, ensuring a long colour that does not fade.

Sunflower Extract – Increases protection against the elements, helping to maintain a radiant colour.  The combined action of the organic and natural ingredients help seal hair cuticles, fix colour and give illuminating shine.

Natural Hydrolysed Wheat Protein – Repair hair fibres and reduce breakage up to 80%

Ceramides – Help ensure hair fibres are smooth, soft and lock in moisture to improve the health of your hair.

Meadow-foam Seed Oil  and Lemon – Both combine to protect and care for your scalp during the colouring process, reducing any flakiness and dryness.

The hair dye comes with a Shampoo, Conditioner and a CC cream.

The CC cream is an after care product that you put on damp hair with no need to wash it out, It claims to have Baobab Extract and Pea Extract which will help to combat the main signs of ageing aslo help rebuild your hairs natural keratin and protect your hair from damages such as heat, UV and pollution.  

I bought the dye in Natural Chestnut (4N). I was afraid I would run out so I bought two boxes of dye just in case each costing $20.10.

I have always used Nice&Easy so going to a new hair dye product was a little scary at first but I am very pleased with the overall experience.


Condition before dying hair

As you can see it looks dull and Dry on the ends, it is a dull colour no life or shine to it, I had some old blonde from when I had ombre in my hair but it was starting to turn copper, And I had light brown hair with regrowth although brown I could see it.

And after I dyed my hair with Natural Chestnut.


Condition after dyeing hair 

Soft, Shiny and healthy looking, soft but still dry in the ends (I will need to do a treatment on these) as I mentioned my hair was already dry,however it does feel like the hair is a little softer but there is still a dry strawy texture to it.

The smell of the hair dye is hard to explain, it has a pleasant enough smell for the amount of time you have to leave it on for, The smell is extremely toned down from normal box dyes though. one thing I love about dying my hair is the fresh dyed hair smell – funnily enough you still get that with this hair dye.

Overall I think this product is an easy to use do it your self hair dye, It come with step by step pictured instructions and disposable gloves so you do not make a mess of your hands.


Please always do a 48 hour patch test to see if you have any sensitivity to the product.

I will be updating this post after every 1 – 2 washes to see how this hold up.

I hope this has helped as I was having trouble finding reviews on this product and was lost when it came to buying a vegan hair dye. If there is anything you would like to know that has not been mentioned please let me know.


This post is not sponsored


Have a wonderful day!




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